Thursday, 20 October 2016

Home Renovation Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

You may be excited to have an idea about using a sledgehammer in an outdated room in order to update its design, but renovation process is not something that you would just start and things will go in your favor. This process requires a lot of calculations and measurements beforehand, and a lot of careful work during the time of action. It surely sounds like a great idea to dismantle a bathroom and make a closet at that place but you might not be thinking about changing the plumbing structure of entire home to let it happen. If you are starting renovation or remodeling without making proper plan, you will realize during the process that your budget isn’t going to allow you to cover even a halfway of entire renovation process.

 Below, we are going to mention some renovation mistakes and the ways you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Ignoring the rooms are used most
If you are renovating your home for the purpose of selling it, you will need to avoid overlooking the major rooms of the house. Major rooms are kitchen and the living loom. After you have attached a ‘for sale’ tag with the home, you will observe potential customers coming and paying attention to these rooms more than the other ones. Hence, if you are running on a renovation budget, prioritize these rooms for renovation. Remember, renovation of bedroom or your personal office room holds secondary importance.

Mistake 2: Spending more money on unnecessary things
Updating bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances naturally demands huge expense. However, if you have already spent major chunk of your budget on kitchen cabinet and drawer updating that could have been done in lesser expense, you have definitely made a wrong move. Similarly, spending too much on accent wall and ignoring proper flooring is the fatal mistake that creates problems beyond just aesthetics of interior space. One of the best options in this regard is to spend money where it is needed most and use faux panels to decorate the accent wall.

Mistake 3: Overlooking Bathrooms
Bathroom renovation doesn’t need a big budget but it has crucial value. An average bathroom doesn’t have too many fixtures so it’s not going to be a budget cracking practice to update them. Nevertheless, plumbing is something you will need to fix if there is something to be worked upon. Wall tiles in bathrooms usually require only cleaning but if any part is broken, you can replace that part instead of doing tile work all over again.

Mistake 4: Hurrying to hire a contractor
For bigger home renovation that cannot be covered through DIY projects, you may need to hire a contractor. Now that would certainly backfire if you have hired a contractor in a hurry and that too without doing any criteria check. Make sure that you have enough referrals for a contractor before you acquire his/her services. Furthermore, you can ask the contractor to show you the projects he/she has accomplished. You can also meet the clients personally.

Mistake 5: Setting a budget without surplus

Last but not the least; it’s a mistake to think that adding sums of project costs would give you an accurate budget estimate. Remember, the estimated budget can never be fulfilling. Therefore, keep 15 – 20% of budget spare because you will need that money when anything goes wrong or when the work exceeds budget limit due to any reason.